Consumers and companies can change the World.

The Corporate Social Responsibility is a tool to create positive engagement based on "We Do Good" promises:

"If you buy our product we will donate 5% to charity".

The potential impact is huge.

Today, CSR is not transparent.

Consumers do not have full visibility on the outcome of those promises.
A CSR based on promises is not enough anymore. Consumers demand facts.

question the impact of their purchase when buying a product that supports a cause.*

of consumers wish companies would tell them more about these promises.*

will not purchase a product if it doesn't communicate the results of its CSR efforts.**

Companies that translate their words into actions need a tool to stand out, bring full confidence and be rewarded by the market.

* Source: 2012 Cone Communications tracker
** Source: Cone Communications Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker

Unstoppable Promises

We leverage Blockchain, a new technology that transparently records transactions and cannot be manipulated or corrupted.

If built on our Smart Social Contracts, any promise is transparently executed.

Consumers' confidence can now go to the companies that deserve it, finally connecting purpose and products.

A new competitive advantage for companies, a true way to make an impact for consumers.

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